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Von Gutenberg Issue 7

Von Gutenberg Issue 7 $9.95

The 7th installment of Von Gutenberg Magazine keeps you abreast of all the latest in latex fetish fashion and lifestyle. This issue is "The Steampunk Issue"

Full of top notch models and photographers, as well as coverage of all the biggest shows and events, this... More >>

Latex Fashion Photography

Latex Fashion Photography $44.95

From the Back Cover:

"What a tight fit! The most popular models are posing in their finest latex outfits in front of the cameras of the best fetish and fashion photographers of the world. Pure eroticism and elegance. Latex Fashion Photography is a lustful compilation on... More >>

Rubber Sex - A Collection

Rubber Sex - A Collection $14.95

Rubber Sex - A Collection of Erotic Stories
Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Rubber, latex, and PVC all cling to the skin and the have the power to make their wearers feel sensual, sexy, and aroused. In this collection, the world's hottest erotic authors... More >>

Skin Two Magazine

Skin Two Magazine $25.00

If you are unfamiliar with this magazine, it is known for its impeccable coverage of the Fetish and S/M scenes all over the world. The name is a reference to fetish clothing as a "second skin". It is filled with beautiful photographs and articles on all things bondage and fetish modeled by the... More >>

Marquis Magazine Issue #44

Marquis Magazine Issue #44 $19.00

Marquis Magazine, Issue #44

Fetish Features & Interviews:
Interview: Verona Gummibaum
Big in America
Lucille Kallisto: Fetish Affairs
Nicci: The Trans Girl World
Interview: Atsuko Kudo
Fetish Gossip More >>

Marquis Magazine, Issue #43

Marquis Magazine, Issue #43 $19.00

Marquis Issue #43

Fetish Features & Interviews
Nadia High Heels
The new book of Doralba Picerno
Big in America
Lucille Kallisto: Fetish Affairs
Nicci: The Trans Girl World
Fetish Gossip More >>

Leather and Latex Care

Leather and Latex Care $11.00

Leather and latex clothing has become quite popular in recent years. Both the mainstream fashion industry and alternative sexual subcultures have propelled leather and latex wear to unprecedented popularity. But these materials require special care if they are to maintain their beauty.
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Living Through Steve Diet Goedde

Living Through Steve Diet Goedde $20.00

Now, the exquisite photography of Steve Diet Goedde is offered in this unique new DVD anthology. Presenting over 700 black & white and color images, it blends ambient media and motion into an art book on DVD. All images are displayed in continuous-play galleries in addition to... More >>


VR, VHS $15.00

A day of shopping turns out to be more than expected when several unsuspecting girls find themselves trapped in a bizarre latex world of fetish and domination. . .with no visible means of escape.

Highly visual and stylized! Vacuum beds, bondage, hoods, and latex, latex,... More >>

When Someone You Love is Kinky

When Someone You Love is Kinky $15.95

Many, many people in this world have sexual interests or practices that are in some way unusual. These people may enjoy bondage or spanking, erotic role-playing, dressing in special clothes that turn them on, or a host of other activities that place them outside the sexual... More >>

Rubber Face Sitting

Rubber Face Sitting $24.00

Rubber Face Sitting

Face sitting is one of those fetishes that count as having a huge number of fans, and yet is completely under-represented. Carmen Rivera is what you might call the unofficial Face Sitting Queen. She has shot a slew of films on the subject and is the... More >>

Dita Behind Closed Doors

Dita Behind Closed Doors $29.00

Dita Behind Closed Doors

Now Dita is on top of the world of showbiz and modeling glamour and will not be available for fetish films of this kind anymore. Some of this material was previously shot in the mid-nineties when the ""Bettie Page"" of our times was not yet known... More >>