Bon4 Stainless Steel Chastity Device (E997-Z)

$199.00 - $209.00

Bon4 Stainless Steel Chastity Device

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For those seeking serious male chastity, this beautifully crafted stainless steel device from Bon4 is sure to deliver! Not only does this cage look great, it’s also completely functional, giving you full control of your male submissive, wherever they may be.

Available in two sizes, each device comes complete with four different hinged back-rings, allowing you to find the one that works best for your needs.

Made with hygiene and comfort in mind, this device is not overly heavy and features ventilation throughout so you can easily clean up in the shower.

Product Details:

Bon 4 SMALL:

  • Total Length: 3.5in (8.8cm)

  • Internal length of cage: 2.6in (6.5cm)

  • Cage opening diameter: 1.3in (3.2cm)

  • Cage opening circumference: 4.0in (10cm)

  • Weight: 0.5 Lbs

Bon 4 LARGE:

  • Total Length: 4.3in (11cm)

  • Internal length of cage: 3.5in (8.8cm)

  • Cage opening diameter: 1.4in (3.5cm)

  • Cage opening circumference: 4.39in (10.9cm)

  • Weight: 0.58 Lbs

4 Different Sizes of Back Rings:

  • I. Diameter: 1.6in (4cm) / Circumference: 4.9in (12.56cm)

  • II. Diameter: 1.7in (4.4cm) / Circumference: 5.4in (13.8cm)

  • III. Diameter: 1.9in (4.8cm) / Circumference: 5.9in (15cm)

  • IV. Diameter: 2in (5.2cm) / Circumference: 6.4in (16.3cm)

Additional materials included:

  • Padlock (with 2 keys each)

  • 4 hinged back-rings

Safety, Care, and Usage

This device is simple to clean using antibacterial soap and warm water. Bath & shower safe. Let air dry after cleaning.

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