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Fleece-Lined Leather Blindfold

Fleece-Lined Leather Blindfold $24.95 - $25.95

This leather blindfold is lined with soft black fleece for extra comfort. The fleece blocks light more effectively than most blindfold padding.

The blindfold is held in place by an elastic band. It comes in black, red or white leather. Very... More >>

Rubber Bit Gag

Rubber Bit Gag $29.00

Our horse-bit style gag is flattering to the face; comfortable for long-term wear; and a great fit for smaller mouths. Natural latex mouthpiece is soft against the teeth; thick, oil-tanned leather straps are resistant to bodily fluids and have smooth, finished edges that won’t cut... More >>

Spiked Leather Choker w/ D-Ring

Spiked Leather Choker w/ D-Ring $28.50

Our black leather choker is stylish and attractive in public, and functional and erotic in private. This is a buckling collar, ½" wide, with a D-ring as a point of attachment.

There are silver colored spikes inserted all around the collar.

... More >>

Leather Choker w/Lock

Leather Choker w/Lock $25.00

This leather choker is stylish and attractive in public, functional and erotic in private. This is a buckling collar, ½" wide, with a D-ring as a point of attachment.

The Choker and Lock set comes with a small Brass Master Lock that can be used... More >>

Kinklab Leather Hog Tie Kit

Kinklab Leather Hog Tie Kit $96.95

"For instant submission."

•  2 self-keeping leather wrist cuffs (fits 5.5-7")
•  2... More >>

Terra Firma Dildo Harness (R)

Terra Firma Dildo Harness (R) $68.95

This popular dildo harness is one of Stormy Leather’s favorites. Its sleek, functional design is perfectly simply for a secure fit. Made with lightweight garment leather, the Terra Firma® Dildo Harness has three straps that attach directly to the ring for an extra firm hold on your hips. More >>

Adjustable General Purpose Spreaders

Adjustable General Purpose Spreaders $59.00

This spreader bar is adjustable from 25" to 37" with heavy eyebolts on each end for attaching cuffs (or whatever you like).

Cuffs and locks sold separately. Available in chrome. ... More >>

Mini-Slapper, Black

Mini-Slapper, Black $17.50

At 10" long and ¾" wide, this small slapper comes in handy when a full-size slapper might be too big or heavy. It hangs nicely on a belt... More >>


Bent $22.99

The Bent glass dildo has been carefully designed for a variety of sensual sensations. The curved end allows the Bent to hit the G spot for an explosive orgasm. The 3 rounded shapes on the opposite side with the tapered end also stimulates and heightens pleasure. The glass is wonderful for... More >>


G-Vibe $99.00

The legendary G-spot is elusive no more when you add the G-vibe to your solo or partnered play! The G-vibe is the very latest in the Funtoys brand line of ergonomic anatomical vibrators and features six distinctive settings combining various speeds, intensity, and intervals to always keep you... More >>

Ai Silicone Dildo

Ai Silicone Dildo $23.99

Ai is the Chinese word for love. Open your heart - and other places - to the Ai silicone dildo, and you'll never let it go!

The Ai is made from a hand-sculpted design and employs four ridges for a dramatically stimulating effect. The gentle curve and angled head of the Ai are... More >>

Slim Vibe

Slim Vibe $7.95

Have every sex toy known to man? Making room for just one more is simple with the sleek and slender Slim Vibe! Discreet as it is pleasurable, the Slim Vibe is ideal for players of all levels and provides intense anal or vaginal stimulation with its powerful vibrating motor. Toss it in your travel... More >>

VibeRite(R) G-Spot Attachment

VibeRite(R) G-Spot Attachment $9.50

For a truly earthshaking experience, focus the power of the VibeRite® Personal Massager deep within your body with this gently curved vinyl attachment. The flexible extension gives you the freedom to pinpoint intense vibrations exactly where you want... More >>

VibeRite(R) Double Agent

VibeRite(R) Double Agent  $17.00

Satisfy your deepest sensual spots with the VibeRite Double Agent™ Attachment for the VibeRite® Personal Massager. Perfect for exploring the depths of your untapped pleasure zones, this massager maintains strong contact with the perineum or clitoris... More >>

VibeRite(R) Triple Crown

VibeRite(R) Triple Crown $15.00

Triple your pleasure with the ergonomic VibeRite Triple Crown™ Attachment. This indulgent tool is designed to target your most sensitive areas with focused, powerful vibrations. Perfect for simultaneous vaginal, anal, and clitoral stimulation, you're sure to see stars when you unleash this... More >>

The Vibrating Oro-Simulator

The Vibrating Oro-Simulator $12.00

Regular Price: $19.50
Clearance Price: $12.00!

A multi-speed vibrating device which simulates the sensation of oral sex for men. A soft 5½" latex... More >>

V-Globe Kegel Balls

V-Globe Kegel Balls $27.50

V-Globe Kegel exercise balls are the newest addition to our pleasure pantheon of ben wa and duotone balls. Discover what millions of women around the world already have - that the easy, effortless exercise provided by these 100% medical grade silicone toys is a pleasure to perform, while the... More >>

The Plug

The Plug $9.99

The Plug by Blush is a classic butt plug with a tantalizing texture and strong suction cup base sure to keep you coming back for more.

The size and design of this plug make it an excellent basic piece for your collection, and it offers the same options for partnered fun when used as a... More >>

Buttman's Viewable Glass Butt Plug, Bishop

Buttman‘s Viewable Glass Butt Plug, Bishop $34.95

Buttman’s Viewable Glass Plug is a completely clear glass anal plug equipped with a rotating handle that allows the wearer’s partner an unobstructed view of the inside action. The interior design of the plug works almost like a peep-hole and the rotator handle provides an ability to twist and turn... More >>

 Anal Trainer Kit

Anal Trainer Kit  $29.99

Get creative with this three phase Anal Trainer Kit. These small, medium, and large bulb shaped plugs are made of firm, yet giving rubber and have a round ring for easy retrieval. Be it slowly preparing yourself or your partner for a night of anal games, or used in discipline or role play, you'll... More >>

Steel Anal/ Vaginal Hook

Steel Anal/ Vaginal Hook  $60.00

Extreme players who love to utilize rope bondage can make good use of the Steel Vaginal/Anal Hook. It is approximately a half-inch thick and has a ring on the straight end for rope attachment.

The curved end is inserted into the anus or vagina. There is about 5" of insertable length. The... More >>

Steel Vaginal Hook/Hanger

Steel Vaginal Hook/Hanger $155.00

This stainless steel Vaginal Hook is useful for extreme players who love to play with rope bondage and/or suspension. This model is smoothly curved with a ring at the end, as well as at the crux of the hook for rope attachment. The shorter end is inserted into the vagina. The hook is made of a... More >>

Anal Joystick

Anal Joystick $52.00

The Anal Joystick is made from medical grade steel with five graduating balls for heightened pleasure. The handle can be easily detached from the shaft of balls for easy cleaning. Sleek and smooth this anal toy is perfect for beginners and advanced explorers.

Product... More >>

Stainless Steel Anchor

Stainless Steel Anchor $94.00

The Anchor is a stainless steel anal hook and plug with removable ball pieces at one end, and a removable steel ball on a stem that is moveable and can be adjusted for either end. The ball can be inserted anally to stimulate and massage the prostate. This well crafted metal sex device has an... More >>

Trailer Hitch Kingpin (TM)

Trailer Hitch Kingpin (TM) $88.00

The Trailer Hitch Kingpin is a deviously inventive device made of carefully crafted and polished stainless steel, consisting of a cock ring attached to an egg-shaped butt plug. This exciting and unique item will provide memorable experiences for couples or for solo play. While the cock ring grips,... More >>

Kelly Anal Scope

Kelly Anal Scope $54.00

The Kelly Anal Scope is an excellent stainless steel exploratory instrument, and seriously sexy toy that is perfectly suited for anyone who is an anal, medical, probing or interrogation enthusiast or fetishist. After you have inserted the entire device, you can remove the inner metal shaft and... More >>

Nip Suck

Nip Suck $29.99

If your nipples are feeling a bit inadequate, perhaps it’s time to give them a good suck. Place a Nip Suck device on each nipple and watch as they grow firm, engorged, and super sensitive! Dab a bit of lip balm or vaseline on for an even more secure seal.

Sold in... More >>

Breast Vise Clamp

Breast Vise Clamp $38.00

Squeeze and tease those bountiful bosoms, while still having your hands free to play. Simply clamp your, or your lover’s breasts between the two sturdy stainless steel bars, screw down the clamp until the pressure is just right and enjoy the sensation as you go... More >>

Nipple Press w/ Chain

Nipple Press w/ Chain $33.00

Nipple torment is a longstanding part of sensation play, and these chained c-clamps are a must-have for any kinkster's toy box.

Each clamp attaches with finely threaded screws that allow unlimited variation in the size and pinch pressure of each, while the 12-inch gunmetal curb chain... More >>

Nipple Press

Nipple Press $14.50

Sold individually

Nothing coaxes a confession from reluctant lips faster than the Nipple Press! The bottom restraining bar slides out for ease of application and removal, but is held firmly in place when pressure is applied by the vise-screw. Don’t let the name fool you: this... More >>

Torquemada Ball Crusher

Torquemada Ball Crusher $32.00

When it’s time to really put the squeeze on, nothing beats the direct action of a vise style ball crusher. Place the cock or balls – or both! – in the appropriate position, and adjust to the desired level of torture you wish to inflict by turning the key to achieve total ball busting... More >>

Parachute Ball Stretcher

Parachute Ball Stretcher $18.00

This is our classic, handmade Parachute Ball Stretcher, made of black leather with a snap closure. The parachute snaps around the balls, and a metal O-ring hangs below, connected by three chains.

The Parachute is adjustable.

You can pull gently on the ring, or attach a leash,... More >>

Well Of Misery Ball Stretcher

Well Of Misery Ball Stretcher $136.00 | SALE: $99.00

Give a whole new meaning to the phrase "You're screwed" with the Well of Misery Ball Stretcher. The two steel rings attached to the stretching rods are moved with an adjustable nut to move the ring down the shaft of the screw.

Each ring has 4 allen screws protruding from the center to... More >>

Arena Cock Ring/Ball Stretcher

Arena Cock Ring/Ball Stretcher $69.00

Arena Cock Ring/Ball Stretcher is a 2 piece, cylindrical, stainless steel cock ring that stretches the testicles while gripping and surrounding the penis. This device separates in the middle simply by using a hex wrench for easy wearing and removal. Once fastened and worn around the penis and ball... More >>

Deep Driller with Cock Ring

Deep Driller with Cock Ring $69.00

The Deep Driller is a stainless steel, dual action penis plug and cock ring that has an adjustable length urethral insert that prevents ejaculation, with a sturdy round cock ring to hold it in place. This hardcore piece of hardware is a very clever way to penetrate the urethra while trapping the... More >>

Orbital Head Ring

Orbital Head Ring $38.00

This ring is meant to be worn around the ridge just beneath the head of your cock to increase stimulation by applying pressure to the glans of the penis. Four spherical steel beads adorn the ring, three of them sliding freely, with one set in place at the seam where the two ends of the ring... More >>

Zodiac Hinged Cock Ring

Zodiac Hinged Cock Ring $49.00

The circle is a symbol of both simplicity and perfection, which is appropriate for our latest line of heavy duty cock rings. Opening on a double-jointed hinge, and secured with a large Allen screw, these weighted steel rings are an elegant fusion of form and function, perfect for increasing and... More >>

Le Slave Deluxe Cock Ring

Le Slave Deluxe Cock Ring $36.00

A stopped watch may be right twice a day, but a hard cock is great anytime!

This enchanting piece of genital jewelry serves the traditional uses of a cock ring, accentuating the shaft, and helping maintain a powerful erection, but goes a step further, adding a handsome steel o-ring... More >>

VibeRite(R) Personal Massager

VibeRite(R) Personal Massager $44.95

The latest offering from Kinklab® is the VibeRite® Personal Massager, a 7 speed, cordless massage wand with a soft silicone head, and a pliable neck, for a more personal personal massage. The rechargeable battery will keep going and going for hours of pleasure, all without the... More >>