Binarotica (Tsubasa) (C402)

Binarotica (Tsubasa)

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Binarotica is a fantastical compilation and ten-year retrospective of digital erotic art by the artist, tsubasa. Tsubasa (Bill Reichardt) burst onto the scene in 1996 with his first digital renderings, uber-imaginative illustrations of bizarre and synthetic sci-fi type settings populated with cyber girls or objects meant to be visually and erotically stimulating.

Over the years, tsubasa images have captured people's imaginations and the attention of international publications far and wide, the likes of Skin Two in London, Marquis in Germany, Secret in Belgium, Score in France, SM Sniper in Tokyo, and many others.

In this unique collection called Binarotica (binary + erotica), tsubasa presents his digital images chronologically, interspersed with unedited commentary from fans and observers.

Art by tsubasa.

96 pages / 6" x 9" / Hardbound Cover
ISBN: 097701200X

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