Bathmate Penis Pump (E113)

Bathmate Penis Pump

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Everyone needs a little boost sometimes. For those moments when you need a little help getting rock hard, spend some time with Bathmate. Just a few short minutes each day with this pump will help you develop a much more sizable and fuller cock. Simply fill it with warm water, apply it to your partner-in-crime, then feel as it evenly distributes pressure around your cock to ensure uniform suction. After a rendezvous with Bathmate, you are good to go! Side effects include: longer lasting sessions and more intense orgasms.

One size fits most.


 • Uncompressed Length 11.4in / 29cm

 • Compressed Length 8.7in / 22cm

 • Diameter 2in / 5cm

 • Available in Red only

Safety, Care and Usage:

Clean with warm, soapy water. Store in a cool, dry place.

Made of polycarbonate, skin safe rubber and stainless steel

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