Back on the Ropes - Two Knotty Boys (MG01586)

Back on the Ropes - Two Knotty Boys
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In their sophomore book release, entitled Showing You the Ropes, the Two Knotty Boys packaged up all the tricks of the trade perfect for beginners seeking BDSM rope tutorials. In Back on the Ropes, Dan and J.D. provide an illustrated, step-by-step guide for tying 61 different bondage knots and how to apply them, for everything from fundamental to decorative and functional ties (such as for a dildo harness). With the help of world-renowned fetish photographer Ken Marcus, the Knotty Boys offer thousands of dazzling color images to accompany this easy-to-follow handbook, with clear and concise instructions supplementing every stunning photograph. With bondage knots ranging from easy to more ambitious, Back on the Ropes highlights each knot that pulls together your favorite style, whether you’re a novice or an expert. With safety and beauty equally balanced in each tie, the Knotty Boys make your tying experience comprehensive and fun. Back on the Ropes is your guide to the ties that bind, bringing you the most accessible way to learn or improve on this exhilarating art.

Author: JD and Dan - aka Two Knotty Boys

Soft Cover – 119 Pages

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