Astroglide X (D127)

Astroglide X

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Astroglide X is the new and exciting silicone formula brought to us by one of the worlds leading lubricant manufacturers. This new premium formula is designed for those of us who demand performance at a lower price point. Long lasting and silky this item is a “must have” for any active bedroom.

Formulated to mimic natural body fluids Astroglide X not only lubricates but conditions your skin as well. Astroglide X is designed to be long lasting so you won’t have to stumble around looking for lube during your intimate play time.

From ancient time and even today the letter X represents unrestrained sexuality. Let Astroglide X release new heights of passion with its new secret formula. Great for vaginal or anal use.

Size: 2.5 fl.oz. (73.9 ml)

Silky Smooth
Long Lasting
Latex Safe
Condom Safe
Hormone- Free

Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasil

This formulation does not contain Nonoxynol-9, or any other spermicides or contraceptives. Not recommended for use with Silicone toys.

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