Deluxe Medical Arm Splints

Deluxe Medical Arm Splints $295.00

Your medical fetish fantasies are about to become much more real...

We're not sure if these arm splints are standard issue for hospitals and institutions, but they should be. What better way is there to help soothe the troubled patient than by making sure they are unable to harm... More >>

Men's Bolero Straitjacket

Men‘s Bolero Straitjacket $610.00

What's good for the goose is great for the gander! We're proud to present the long awaited Men's Bolero Straitjacket™ from our kinky in-house workshop directly into - and over - your loving arms.

One of our most unique and sought-after creations, the original Bolero... More >>

Latex Bolero Straitjacket (TM)

Latex Bolero Straitjacket (TM) $445.00

Our sexy, innovative signature Bolero Straitjacket™ is now available for your pleasure in daring 30 gauge latex!

Like a traditional straitjacket, our Latex Bolero Straitjacket™ has a buckling collar and back closures in addition to the extra long glove-like sleeves that extend beyond... More >>

Arm Binder

Arm Binder $168.00 - $205.00

Give a whole new meaning to "the tie that binds"!

This sleeve is made of soft, stitched, garment leather. The adjustable buckling straps are made of strong, latigo leather, and attached to the sleeves with rivets. A D-ring is added at the end as a point of attachment for bondage... More >>

Premium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles

Premium Arm Splints with Locking Buckles $285.00

Similar to but more versatile than our armbinder, these leather arm splints are handmade in our workshop with the same craft and care with which we construct all our bondage gear. The five locking buckles and ten nickel-plated D-rings ensure that you will be able to position the bound limbs as you... More >>

Red Bolero Straitjacket (TM)

Red Bolero Straitjacket (TM) $415.00

Our signature Bolero Straitjacket™ is now also available in a soft and supple "lipstick red" garment leather with black contrast leather trim.

Made of high quality, light and medium weight garment leather, latigo belting and nickel-plated hardware,the Red Bolero Straitjacket™... More >>

Perforated Bolero Straitjacket (TM)

Perforated Bolero Straitjacket (TM) $435.00

Please welcome a fabulous addition to our already stellar line of premium leather BDSM Gear - The Perforated Bolero Straitjacket™.

This straitjacket is a variation of our original design by the same name. And just like the Original Bolero Straitjacket™, the Perforated Bolero... More >>

Bolero Straitjacket (TM)

Bolero Straitjacket (TM)  $415.00

Sexy. Sensuous. Functional. What more could you ask for in a straitjacket? How about stylish, innovative and chic?

The Bolero Straitjacket™ is all of these and more in a cropped... More >>

Bondage Opera Gloves

Bondage Opera Gloves $252.00 | SALE: $130.00

Leather bondage at its sexiest!!! These sleeves are made of the finest leather we can find, and designed by our own in-house designers.

These lace-up bondage sleeves each have three large D-rings on 1½" heavy... More >>

Leather Hobble Belt

Leather Hobble Belt $75.00

Based on a traditional cowboy horse rancher's belt, this belt/bondage device is a convenient and handsome accessory for everyday wear and bondage play. When worn around the waist, it is a... More >>

Sex and Metal Hand Trap

Sex and Metal Hand Trap  $170.00

Lovers of unusual BDSM gear will find these hand and finger bondage restraints to be a little bit medieval; a little bit futuristic; and completely unique and exciting. Offering the perfect solution to the problem of what to do with roaming hands, these high-quality steel devices go a step beyond... More >>

Leather Neck-Wrist Restraint

Leather Neck-Wrist Restraint $65.00 - $69.50

These fun bondage devices connect a collar to a set of cuffs using a leather strap. Wrists can be cuffed in the front or in back of the body. Cuffs, collar, and connector strap are all adjustable for a perfect fit... More >>