Amanda Wildefyre‘s Rubber Sex Slave (DVGWEN106)

Amanda Wildefyre‘s Rubber Sex Slave

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Synopsis: Amanda Wildefyre’s Rubber Slave series gets a new installment with RUBBER SEX SLAVE. Alyx, a female, sex crazed nymphomaniac, submits herself to Mistress Amanda Wildefyre for total rubber sex reconditioning. Dressed in rubber catsuit and corsets, she is placed in immobilizing latex bondage and hoods, totally exposed for torment. After being force-fed a special sex serum, Alyx is made to orgasm over and over again, as only a female sex slave can. Latex, Hoods, Electro-Stimulation and Bizarre Scenarios abound! Starring Mistress Amanda Wildefyre and introducing Rubber sex-slave Alyx.

Cast: Amanda Wildefyre, Alyx

Running Time:90 minutes


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