Adventures With My Slavegirl (OA03007)

Adventures With My Slavegirl
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Synopsis: Mistress D and legendary L.A. SubMissAnn are frequent play partners, and this DVD compiles their exploits in one long deviant DVD that spotlights their amazingly weird imaginations. "Up Her Ass 1 & 2" tests how big a dildo can fit up Ann’s butt (answer: REALLY FUCKING BIG!) "Playing Footsie" takes foot worship everywhere it can go, including up her ass again,
"Trust Me" and "Trusting" involve edgy breath play in the bathtub and with a dry cleaning bag, while "My Beautiful Fuck Toy 1 & 2" takes the Mistress and her submissive to strap on penetration play. Very hot play between a lifestyle Domme and her slave!

Cast List: Mistress D, L.A. SubMissAnn

Running Time: 83 minutes

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