5 Lash Cat-O-Nine Tails (C308)


5 Lash Cat-O-Nine Tails

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This 5 Lash Cat is available in red and black or purple and black. It is meticulously braided (12 plait) for smooth shape and movement. The body is 18 inches long with a turkish knot at the end and a leather core. The five lashes are 12 inches long, and the fringe on the end is 5½ inches. There is a braided leather handle at the end. This cat is shot-loaded, so it zings through the air with purpose.

This toy is serious, lively, and supple in your hand; the tails swish through the air to land with a pronounced bite from the terminal knots above the fringe. Some people even use two in a showy windmill effect.

Made in the USA

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