3‘ Mini Bull Whip 12 plait Black/Purple (D549)


3‘ Mini Bull Whip 12 plait Black/Purple
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Victor Tella is known worldwide for his exquisitely crafted whips, and The Stockroom is proud to be the exclusive retailer. The Mini Bullwhip is made from beautiful, hand dyed black and purple kangaroo hide in a 12 plaited design with a steel core in the handle. The convenient length makes it practical for indoor play. This bullwhip gets better with use, as it is broken in to your personal throwing style, and arrives stiff enough for East Coast Swing style play. This is a fun whip to crack as well! It is weighted and balanced for accuracy, important features for a whip that delivers such a delicious bite. This item will be a treasured toy in your whip collection. Comes with leather fall and cracker attached.


  • Whip length is 2.64ft/.80m

  • Handle length is 6in/15.24cm

  • Fall length is 2.3ft/.7m

  • Cracker length is 10in/25.4cm

  • Grip circumference is 2.5in/6.35cm

Safety, Care and Usage

Before using a bullwhip in your play, be sure to obtain quality instruction and then practice, practice, practice. Leather bullwhips should be stored away from excessive dirt, dust, heat and moisture. Condition your whip with a quality leather conditioner every six months and you will have this whip for years to come. Keep away from your pets, as they love to chew on these leather whips!

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