24" Basic Rubber Flogger (A975)

24" Basic Rubber Flogger

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The Rubber Flogger is a BDSM classic. This black rubber flogger has eighteen tails/strands (or “blades”) that make up the fall. Each tail is 18” long, ½” wide, and tapered to a point on the end.

The black rubber handle is 5¼” long and is a little over an inch in diameter. A black rubber rim on each end of the handle is held in place by two nickel plated upholstery tacks. The black rubber loop-handle is 8” long and ¾” wide.

Flogging enthusiasts will greatly appreciate this finely crafted piece of equipment. This is a wonderful product for the beginner or seasoned expert. The Rubber Flogger is a perfect item to start with, and makes a nice addition to any collection.

Made In the USA

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