The Pig Face Hood (J451)

 The Pig Face Hood

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For those of you into piggy play...finally a leather hood that actually looks like a real pig face. With its snap-on dildo gag, and our tight but comfortable fit, it is a hood that leaves a lasting impression.

The pig face hood includes a hard leather snout front with nostril slits, pointy ears and eyeholes. It laces up the back and has a lockable buckle at the collar.


Around Neck:
  S/M: 12.5 - 16.5 inches
  L/XL: 14 - 18.5 inches

Around Forehead:
  S/M: 20.5 - 22.5 inches
  L/XL: 22.5 - 25 inches

Please Note: All returned hoods which include gags or mouthpieces are subject to a $15.00 re-stocking fee.

Made In the USA

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